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Tabitha Healey

 Executive and Personal Coach

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Overwhelmed?   Uncertain?    Underperforming?

Lost?    Stuck?    Frustrated?

Unhealthy?    Unhappy?

Now is the perfect time to achieve what matters most to you.

Coaching is a forward focussed, structured process to assist you in moving from where you are now to where you aspire to be - personally and professionally.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling, which focus on your past. Coaching involves identifying your goals and utilising your innate strengths to navigate past obstacles and achieve your full potential to lead a purposeful life.

My role is to guide you in identifying what matters most, what obstacles and challenges are hindering your progress and assist in setting actions to achieve your goals and hold you accountable in a supportive, compassionate and confidential environment. 

- Alain de Botton -


"Change begins when the fear of not acting at all at last outstrips the paralysing fear of making a mistake"  

Alain de Botton


Dr Tabitha Healey

20 years as a Medical Oncologist and business owner has led me to a deep understanding of what really matters in life. ​As a physician now working in palliative care, I have the opportunity to see the highs of lives well lived and the sadness of regrets. The juxtaposition of palliative care reflecting back and coaching clients to look forward to achieve their best lives  is incredibly inspiring and rewarding.  The fundamentals of a fulfilling life are strong relationships, good health and a sense of purpose.

Having juggled family, medicine and running a large private practice I understand what it feels like to be "on" all the time and all things to all others.

My medical knowledge, compassion and strong communication skills allow me to bring a unique set of strengths to coaching. As a certified Professional and Life Coach I have the expertise and experience to guide people to live successful and purposeful lives. 

I look forward to working with you.



Working in the often overwhelming world of  medicine and business ownership, I understand the pressure of always being on, available and all things to others.


Through coaching, explore the benefits of setting clear personal and professional goals. Establish better work-life integration, achieve greater career success, deeper personal engagement and maximise your physical and mental health. Learn to set boundaries to create the space you need to succeed.

Coaching, through its structured, forward focus can assist you to identify what really matters and to re-engage in living life to its fullest potential.  Coaching involves 60 minute one-on-one sessions at my tranquil, space in Kent Town.  To successfully identify, action and review goals 4-6 sessions are recommended, with many of my clients opting to check-in 3 monthly thereafter. 

Successful people invest in themselves - isn't it time you invested in you?


Held in an exquisite, private garden in Stirling, these small group retreats allow you to reconnect with yourself and set your intentions. 

Take a day out for yourself to develop the internal resilience and wellness practises required to flourish despite the demands of a pressured life.

Learn the importance of setting boundaries (personally and professionally), the power of pause and the benefits of active renewal.



Small moments, Big lives


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